Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's been a while since I've posted anything new, because there was nothing new. Ho hum, same old, same old. On 6 Jan. 2012, my tower and antenna were raised by Bierlein Company.
Mosley PRO 67B on a 48 foot Rohn 25G tower. 2 el on 40m; 20,17,15,12,10 m.; boom:24 feet long. I have been DXing at 5 watts of power, and enjoy making 2 way QRP contacts worldwide. My motor home is awaiting warmer weather for camping and portable ham operating.


  1. WOW now that is a serous antenna for sure! That antenna mixed with QRP will hit the air waves like thunder. Puts my attic dipole to shame.

  2. Hi Ken. Heard your call on a video from KE5X I think and remembered meeting you at Forbidden City back in the 1980's or such. My mother, Era Wilcox Miller, introduced us and she was the organist at the Nazarene Church in Saginaw until her rheumatoid arthritis crippled her hands beyond repair.

    I have been in QRP since 1960 when first licensed in Saginaw while in high school.

    Hope to meet you sometime. Been living in Traverse City since 1972.

    It's time to update your blog.

    Dave K8WPE